Cultivate Humility. Harvest Good Will.

I wrote my previous post when it just came to my mind fleetingly. I need to read the book again. My  late dad’s copy  is there somewhere in  my collection of old books.

When the newspaper hit my front door in the morning today, I picked the paper up groggily and delved deep into the exciting happenings and the daunting concerns  of the mankind across the world. Pretty depressing.

Then I chanced upon the little column about spiritual matters. Today’s entry is titled, “Importance of humility”.

I gloated about the several occasions  when I chose to be brash and well, benefitted from it. But then, ruefully, I had to concede that there were many more occasions, when, if only  I were humble enough, I could have profited more.

Later, when I  forced myself to pick up the book, I intended to go through, and rifled through it, a small clipping from a decade old news paper fell out. I picked it up. It is captioned, “Cultivate Humility.” !

Now, am I being humble enough in posting this? G.O.K.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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