Deja vu, again and again

A doting Obama likened himself to a mutt he was going to get for his dear daughters. But there was dismay and outrage among some of his fellowmen
What they perhaps failed to appreciate was that it was essentially a personal and flippant remark in line with the charming trait of Americans of laughing at themselves and to break the ice in the process.
It is also not different in character to Bob Hope’s nostalgic recounting that he was the only prize-fighter in his home town who had to be carried both into the ring and out of it.
A cartoonist known to me, when accosted that his much acclaimed cartoon appeared to be a poor cousin of another on the same theme which appeared in the Punch, just shrugged and replied, ” Yes, I am an exhumerist. No wonder it stinks”
Another such lovable American trait relates to their penchant for patently ridiculous or redundant but pithy sayings.
I would prefer to call them Yogi Berrors, you see my point!
I own that this is a wisecrack, but I hope you see some wisdom in it, nevertheless.
I hope my today’s blog is at least is worth the paper on which it is typed, unlike the verbal agreements referred to by Sam Goldwyn
Happiness is tantalizingly elusive, because stress is omnipervasive. As one of my friends ruefully concedes,” I am stressed because I am stretched and I am angry only because I am furious.”
Stress is the inevitable outcome of inescapable problems.
And as Scott Peck has said, “We can not solve life’s problems except by solving them.”


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