Old hats and new caps.

At a time, when you could run your tiny but precious Fortran program within the time allowed, on the-then- big Russian computer, it was nirvana to learn assembly language on a 4 bit processor.

And people were understandably envious when you could manoeuvre that vexing nonlinear optimization routine into your spaghetti Basic program and then into the ram of a your ZXSpectrum with 64 kb ram, in the not so distant past.

And soon enough, you were envious of geeks spouting exotic Latin like Unix, Shell, C, X windows, and not to be left behind, you jump on the side board of the roller coaster.

And what exciting twists and turns did you pass through along the way.

The nubile sirens that beckon you now have names like Ajax, Drupal, Wicket, Hibernate, I-Batis, and what-else-do-you-have.

Some of your old hats, you are still able to wear, with a little bit of dusting up, but there are many more that you look longingly at, to look contemporary enough and , of course, cover up that bald patch, behind your head.
The horizon recedes even as you reach for it.
The Mirage continues to beckon you even after you hobbled along, long and far.
As the Lord smilingly says, in his Gita, “You have a right to slog. It is what you are born for.”


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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