Faith – Uberimae fidae

Faith : He believes me implicitly. Does’nt hesitate to tell me every thing, even lies.


A friend of mine had publicly accused his business associate, ( who also happens to be an acquaintance of mine). This accusation was based on some plausible and serious circumstantial evidence, but which could of course be explained otherwise.

This has affected the relationship, but they have been forced to function together in an awkward manner, due to other circumstances.

I feel sorry for both of them, but still feel my friend was a bit hasty in publicly venting his surmise, though he might have had strong reasons to do so.

The time honored principle of according the benifit of doubt to the accused, in the realm of criminal law, needs to be taken a step further in personal relations.Accord the benefit of doubt, before you accuse any one, especially when you are having or going to have a lasting relationship.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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