Not just a monkey with a gift of the gab.

It is ironical that the generally accepted measure of happiness is attainment of   enough material means to ensure a life ofease and comfort for you and your near and dear.. It is ironical that we strive hard and goad ourselves to be dynamic only to reach a static nirvana.

Real happiness lies in striving for meaningful goals with full  use of all your talents and vigour. Human life is fleeting, no doubt. But dont despair. Continue to chisel the great rock, that is your Utopia. Today’s work may be a wee sculpture. Over an year you have a big canvas before you with all those small sculptures making up a great story  sculpted for eternity for the for future generations to come and behold with awe. There is relief today for having done a good day’s work. But let there be tension again tomorrow morn to do some small meaningful wee bit more again that will provide you with relief. That is happiness.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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