Stand alone, but join the crowd

As Keynes had quipped, everything passes away,- in the long run.But dont let your indefatigable will, your hopes and your aspirations pass away, while you are still here..
Never give in, in the matters of convictions and principles. But do give in now and then, for a good cause and for the greater good of the community, but here again with honour and good sense, not out of despondency and helplessness.
Stand alone when every one seems to shun you or do not comprehend you, but do enlist others when your endeavour needs help. Ek akela thak jayega, mil kar bhoj uthana (You alone will get tired. Let others also share the big burden.)
But you alone are responsible for the success of your endeavour, to the extent it is within your power to make it a success. As Gita says, “uddharayte uddharatmaanaam.”(you alone can lift yourself up. None else is going to come to your rescue.)


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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