Divine Trinity – The One and the other.

An ancient Sanskrit saying likens a teacher to the Divine Trinity of the Hindu pantheon.A teacher is The Destryer ( of sloth and ignorance). A teacher is The Preserver and Nourisher (of your talent). A teacher is The Creator, (He moulds you into a different and good human being). So I bow to him

A similar saying again in Sanskrit, declares, ” Your mother is The God to you.

Your father is the God to you.

Your mentor is the God to you.”

There are teachers and teachers. There are good teachers with bad talent. And there are bad teachers with good talent. If you are fortunate, you have a good teacher with good talent.

Thyagaraja, one of the three Indian musicians who are regarded as the Divine Trinity of Indian music, had in one of his thousands of compositions, declared, ” Without the help from a   capable mentor, it will be impossible to learn a thing, even for a talented fellow.”

Some of us squander, the efforts of a good teacher who strives to sublimate us, by our truancy. Others are sincere to learn a thing or two, but have to make do with insincere teachers. But life is like that.



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2 Responses to Divine Trinity – The One and the other.

  1. Gayathri says:

    Your musings make for interesting read.

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