Death is your destination, but …

Daniel Defoe rues about the “Instability of human glory”.

Yes, ‘Hic Jacet …’ is the finishing part of every life, glorious or vainglorious or whatever. Death is not a thing that you look forward to, but which you know, is your ultimate destination willy-nilly.

But life is not a destination. It is a windfall to you. It is an unsought for, but welcome ticket to take you along a journey on which you are mainly the pilot. You could not have asked for it. In fact you were not ‘you’ when you were conceived. And you are not what you have been a moment ago. You are just an incorporation of billions of nano materials which have coalesced into a coherent whole, God knows at Whose behest, and to serve What or Whose purposes. But as this company, ever evolving, goes along, it acquires a personality and a character which propels it further. And whether this company succeeds or not depends on its top management, – you know what i mean ..

Life is an uncertain journey into the unknown, when you embark on it. The choices of roads ahead of one may be different from those available to others. But it is also true that the choices you make along the way will have a great bearing on whether your journey is meaningful or pleasurable or not.

You can choose to make it a placid one by following the beaten track or elect to make it arduous by taking the roads less travelled.

Or you may just mosey around.Talking of moseying around, it could also be a conscious decision to do so. A contradiction of terms, eh! No, judged from people like the Homeless in Paris one.

But as long as you wish to steer your life on predictable lines and irrespective of the roads and detours you choose,it is necessary to have in mind certain milestones to reach along the way. Attaining them affords you a sense of fulfillment. More importantly, it gives you great pleasure when you look back on all such milestones that you have successfully crossed and perhaps the pleasurable wilderness resorts you have taken respite at along the way or the mountains that you have scaled painfully or the rivers in spate that you have forded at great danger to you and your mount.. It gives you not just nostalgic pleasure, but more importantly, a phillip to attempt more such goals.

And when you are traversing along your chosen track and crossing laboriously all these milestones, do slow down every now and then, to appreciate or smell the wild rose by the way side that catches your attention , or just languidly bask in the cool sunshine or gaze in awe at the cascade roring down the mountain or say hello to that chipmunk that looks quizzically at you..

Yes, life is not a destination. It is an unpredictable one way trek into the unknown. Embark on it with gusto ! Remember that this vacation is not for ever, the destination is not far off. All luck to you.



About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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