The Cloud Messenger

Partings are painful. Being forced to bide your time far away from your loved ones is still more excruciating. If you can get some one you can trust to convey your message to your dear one it will be a solace and provide you with hope to sustain you through the rest of your ordeal.

The Sanskrit epic “Megha Sandesam” [The Cloud Messenger], poignantly depicts the pangs of separation borne by a celestial, who Is banished from heaven and forced to live alone on the earth, and his yearning for reunion with his loved one in heaven. His entreaties to the Cloud to take his message along to his loved one are the subject of this great epic poem in Sanskrit

Talking of partings, the anguish faced by the residents of Ayodhya, when their soon to be crowned dear Crown Prince Rama is banished to a 14year exile comes readily to mind. The affection shown by his childhood friend , the chieftain of the fisherfolk, Guha who insists on piloting the boat to take Rama across the river has been the inspiration for quite a few songs which describe the pathos of parting, in many Indian folk songs. I will try to reproduce some of the stanzas from Megha Sandesam or the Ramayana in some of my forthcoming posts.

Meanwhile, In this post I will try to translate a Ghazal rendered sweetly by Ghulam Ali about a fortunate guy who is happy to have met his loved one after a long separation.

“I got you back after an age

But then you seem to be lost in thought , pray why?

This stormy breeze is questioning me, ‘What is it that you keep on writing in the beach sand. ‘

I do not know what that special thing in you is, that you appear so lovely to me.

Stop asking me about how I spent my long years away from you.But pray tell me your story and how you fared.”


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