Murphy’s law of Junk

One of Murphy’s many unversal laws., lays down that junk accumulates to fill space available.And when so much of junk accumulates  as to leave no room for current or future junk, it is time to act to clear some of the older junk.

Two possible approaches could be the time honoured FIFO ( first in first out) and the LIFO ( Last in first  out). These approches may be applied without much of a problem in a corporate context. But I know of situations there too, where in the internal audit guys  have some reservations in respect of whether the junk is really junk, or in respect of the valuation of the junk being proposed to be disposed of.

But in a domestic context this turns more complex, if we consider the sentimental and emotional overtones in regard to branding a specific item as junk. This is because most of the older and legacy junk is imbued with nostalgia. The intensity of this nostalgia, many a time  varies from one member of the household to another and the power whether to call an item by the bad name that is junk rather than the respectable appellation of family heirloom depends on that member’s  position in the pecking order in the  household. And if a piece of, well I will take liberty to loosely term it as alleged junk, is connected with the collective fun memories of a majority of the household , it is impossible to dislodge it from its pride of place in the house and the household. . When the jury is evenly poised in respect of the culpability of the, well, alleged junk, then also, most likely it may stay put silentlly and smugly gloating over  the familial or marital discord it could engineer.

But there may be certain items of precious non-junk elite which  may through efflux of time, disuse, development of new technology or through just fickle change of fashion may alas, turn into plain mundane and kinetic  junk in the consensus-ad-idem of the household. Such unfortunate junk has to yeild place to some potential junk.

It may be that some junk (sorry for branding something so without proper notice to the interested parties) may not yet be agreed by the family to be genuine  junk, (it may yet have some residual nonjunk identity left), but has to yeild place to its successors when the new interlopers catch the imagination of the family as worthwhile, well, junk compared to the junk that is being discarded without regard to its residual nonjunk character.

In effect, old junk moveth out yeilding place to new.

A new dwelling is pretty much like the Ganga as it flows down the Himalayas into the plains, pristine and  clear . But as time flows along it acquires junk and more junk and is akin to the Ganga at Kanpur or Varanasi. And when your home resembles the Ganga at Kanpur, I suggest that you get a copy of the Ganga Action Plan for planning a project on similar lines. If you are lucky you may get a copy in the  Government’s archives, unless some thoughtless guy meted it out the junk treatment.



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