Smoke or cloud – does it matter?

In a recent post of mine, I talked about The Cloud Messenger.  Choosing an ethereal medium like cloud to carry along your  message of affection  to your forlorn and distant Love seems just romantic fantasy. If not clouds, an equally ethereal medium  has been used since times immemorial by a number of ancient cultures like the Chinese, the Greece, the North American Indian and the aboriginal Australian ones to convey messages or alerts,  if not of sublime  love, at least of  gory war or even  of other much  more mundane ones. To this day it is reportedly used in Rome as a communication medium, if an archaic one, in selection of priests.

Going back to the cloud as a medium, one is reminded of the immortal lyric by  the modern day bard Dr. Devulapalli Krishna Sastry, wherein two young lovers pining for each other in their separation, invoke The Cloud to take their respective messages of love to each other. This lyric which finds place in the all-time classic film of the late forties of the twentieth century,  Malleeswari, brings tears into the eyes of the discerning music lovers. The picturisation by the eminent director B.N. Reddi, the portrayal of the lovers by the great actors Bhanumathi and Rama Rao and the song rendered soulfully by Bhanumathi and Ghantasala   in Raga Abheri to which it was set by the equally eminent composer S. Rajeswara Rao are still vivid in the minds of several generations of South Indian people.

I will attempt to translate the lyric for the benefit of those who are not fortunate to savor it in its original form.

“Oh, yon there, dear Train-of-Clouds floating away up in the sky , did you per chance hover for awhile over the temple in my village during the course of  your wanderings? Can you please convey to me a soothing word or two about my beloved Malli, to bring solace to my grieving mind, before you leave?

Oh, yon there, dear train-of-clouds, you can discern my mind. Pray can’t you reveal it to my Lover there? These eyes of mine have vainly and sorrowfully, day in and day  out,  searched here and there for my man.,-they are now dazed and sightless.

Will you do me this favor? My eyes have brimmed and are raining. Pray will you carry these tears of mine in your kind heart and pour  them out  as drizzle before my  beloved one as a token of my love and grief.”



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