Swings of jasmine and boats of moonshine

In my recent post I wrote about a great song from Malleeswari.

Here is another immortal song from the same movie. A solo sung by Bhanumathi.

The young lovers find each other and at great risk meet each other stealthily. They are happy. They are satiated. There is lurking danger, but they are not concerned. God willing, there will be better times. But if caught they face the threat of summary execution. What does it matter?. It is desirable than spending a whole miserable life away from each other.The girl looks at her partner and begins to croon. The boy is content to listen to her great voice.

“Garlands of jasmine swing in my mind. Boats carrying moonlight are rocking languidly before my eyes.The night is replete with ecstasy. After ages, my life has now borne fruit.

If the birds sitting snugly on the fronds above chirped or the winds rustled the branches of the trees or even if the waves ruffled the lake here, and if a few notes of music of a distant flute reach my ears , i felt you were approaching, and that you were calling out to me and eyes brimming I would look eagerly for you. Don’t for a moment leave me my friend. Don’t break this my heart which has surged with joy. Boats filled with moonlight are rocking in front of my eyes. Garlands of jasmine are swinging in my mind.”



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