A wall has fallen. A breeze is wafting

Yesterday there were unseasonal drizzles. The day went on languidly. No mood to attend work. Stayed home.Mrs.says the rain heralded a severe summer.
Went out with Sonny in the evening to get some much-needed provisions .The Tata Nano was pretty low on gas. The gas stations were very crowded. Moved along They seemed to get more and more crowded as we went along. Joined the long queue of vehicles at a place at last Asked someone the reason for the frenzy. Some agitation or the other planned by some body or other for some reason or the other for tomorrow and the day after, he shrugged and replied. Soon enough bikes, cars, volvos and people carrying cans and empty bottles succeed in creating an inextricable jam. I thought it might be wise to join the crowd of people and get a litre or two of gas in a bottle and get away from the melee. I remembered that there were quite a few empty water bottles in the car cluttering it up until the other day but none was in sight right when it was in dire need. Evidently Mrs. had cleaned up the car . Nay, Murphy’s laws are in operation again.
I climbed down the car, went to a street corner store, bought a few provisions, paid and asked the shop keeper if he had an empty bottle which he could spare. He replies that he had a twenty litre can which he could sell for 200 bucks only. I spot an empty water bottle in the junk basket in a corner and pick it up. The shop keeper graciously says that he would spare it to me for “only” ten bucks. I accept his offer and take delivery of the precious cargo. I scout the gas stations in the neighborhood . The crowd was reasonably small at one place. I scrounge around in my pocket for my mobile to call up Sonny to inform him of my location. No mobile to be found. I curse my self and trudge along to the station where my car is and tell son of my exploit and proudly display my coveted empty bottle and tell him that our troubles were over.I was going to an Utopia where there was no queue. He had to only extricate the car from the crowd and make a beeline for where we were going to have our meagre fill. Sonny says there were only a few cars ahead of him in the line and any way the only way out was the way forward. I go back to my Utopia with my precious possession. Alas there is a big crowd here also, though not as big as at other places. I stand in the queue. Just when I am practically near the goal, someone snatches my bottle and goes to the attendant and gets it filled and runs away. I run after him. He empties the bottle into his bike, returns the empty bottle grins a beautiful toothy smile, half simian half asinine and thanks me for bearing with him.. I too thank him and return wearily to take my place in the line of aspirants. They protest that my turn was over as my bottle was got filled already once by my associate. I plead with them with all the skills I had acquired in my law school decades ago and which have remained dormant for lack of practice and try to mobilize additional support from a sympathetic bystander who understood my predicament. They relent if not conceding my arguments, perhaps respecting the hulk of the bystander. I thank the Good Samaritan and turn towards the attendant.Now the attendant says he has finished serving the queue of people and intends to serve the queue of vehicles. We wait patiently for him to get tired of the vehicles and come back to us poor mortals.Eventually after an eternity, he condescends to cater to us bipedes, and not so long after I get the precious fluid into my container, but it is only three-fourths full though I pay for the entire bottle’s worth I return to Sonny triumphantly , and display my possession with glee.. He is now first in the queue of vehicles but the queue of men is going to be served for some more time. After an age, the car gets it fill and Sonny deftly succeeds in extricating ourselves from the crowd of people and vehicles and we return home. Sonny says, “Papa, I love your Nano. It would have been a pain had it been my Audi.”.
Mrs asks why we were so tardy. We reply that we had to go to the Middle East to get gas as the gas stations were empty.
Feeling grimy, I take bath, dress up and recline on the couch waiting for dinner. From a distance strains of music reach my ears and a sweet voice is singing,
“A wave is swelling up in my heart..
A fresh wind is blowing.around right now.
My heart is abuzz with anticipation.
A wall seems to have broken down.
I hold a somewhat delicate temperament.
The wounds are still raw, but a fresh wind is blowing now.
From out of these dark alleyways of this metropolis,
life is holds out a promise to me.”
I doze off into my personal oblivion.
“Deener eaze raydee.’ The sing song voice of Mrs. cheerfully floats down into my ears.


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