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Lizzy is no more. An era has ended.

Liz Taylor died about a week ago. An era, Liz Taylor’s has come to a close. For, she was one of a kind. Great performances, greater looks, still greater guts, truly a Diva. She lived her life on her terms, … Continue reading

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Promises to keep before he sleeps with……

He loves her immensely and vice versa (no link to versakay, mind you ). Would have loved to devote himself entirely to her. But he has other promises to keep. And miles to go before he sleeps. She pines for … Continue reading

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Why bury your sorrow beneath that wan smile of yours.

Here is my translation of a great ghazal From the movie Arth, “Tum itnia Jo muskuraraheho” sung exquisitely by Jajit Singh in his rich bass voice. “You smile a lot, of late. What is the deep sorrow which you seem … Continue reading

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Mamma Mia

Pappa and mamma have gone to the native place to attend to some important business. Me and Mrs. are all alone and Mrs. is newly pregnant. It is a second Satur Day, a holiday for me.It is about seven in … Continue reading

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A Natural Calamity. An Act of Vandalism.

The calamity that has struck Japan is horrifying. But for the ingenuity of the Japanese people the damage could have been many times more severe. The whole world sympathizes with them in this hour of tragedy. I had visited Japan … Continue reading

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The girl-child and her mom.

The centenary of the International Women’s Day was celebrated [?] a few days ago. The mom-daughter relationship was also one of the aspects that came into focus in the context. The relationship is as people say, is complexer than the … Continue reading

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Schooling may interfere with your Education

I read from the news paper that Bujjai had been in the city the other day to attend a personal function. In the accompanying photo I see him with the elegant cartoonist B.V. Satya Murthy. Sathya Murthy is the creator … Continue reading

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