You know me. I know you.

Mrs. arrives at our new home to live with me. It was long years ago. We go out in the evening. There are nice oranges, the variety called Nagpur Santra or Kamala are temptimgly heaped on push carts. We stop at one and begin to haggle. A tall guy rushes eagerly towards Mrs. and says, ” Aren’t you from Bhav Puri. ” Mrs.looks up sharply at him and replies sharply, ” So ?” . The guy is embarrassed and says sheepishly, ” Nothing.” and beats a hasty retreat. When we return, I ask her why she was so curt with that poor fellow. She just says, ” You don’t know anything about these sort of guys.”, with contempt.
She is always like that and I like that. Very curt and reserved with strangers who try to be familiar.
Coming back to the present.
Mrs. and I, are preparing to go to the railway station in the evening to see some body off. Mrs. wears a Binny Silk saree, magenta in colour with a dark navy blue border laced with golden threads.
Simply gorgeous. The phone rings. It’s Dr. Griff. He is in the city for
a short stay. He is scheduled to deliver a talk on something or other at some venue, which I note is very near to the Station and
the time is sometime not very much later than the departure of the
train. I tell Dr. Griff that I would meet him at the venue of his talk.We finish our work at the station and go to meet my friend. The talk is already underway and the hall is crowded.We sit
somewhere in the back and listen to him intently.
After the meeting is over and when Griff is free we move towards him. He greets me effusively and looks appraisingly at Mrs.
I introduce her. He looks at her saree with interest . He says approvingly, “Gorgeous.” and proffers his big white paw.
Mrs. blushes but shakes his hand but somewhat tepidly. I am silent.
On the way home, Mrs. nudges towards me and says, ” You are right. Your friend talks nicely. He is also very decent. It is their way of greeting. I thought you would feel happy if I shake hands with him.” I reply,” I have not sought your explanation. Did I ?” I try to
sound pleasant and softly place my hand around her waist. “The nights are getting colder by the day.”, I say. Mrs. purrs in agreement and moves closer.


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