A Natural Calamity. An Act of Vandalism.

The calamity that has struck Japan is horrifying. But for the ingenuity of the Japanese people the damage could have been many times more severe. The whole world sympathizes with them in this hour of tragedy.
I had visited Japan about two decades ago and to this day I have vivid memories of the beautiful country and its great people.The brave and resilient Japanese people will, I am sure overcome the effects of this quake and tsunami and bounce back with renewed vigour. They are known to be quick to learn useful lessons from calamities to contain the effects of such fickle acts of nature in future.
Coming nearer home, one feels sad and horrifed at the mindless vandalism indulged in by hooligans, who the other day destroyed and desecrated idols of eminent people who spent their whole lives to enrich the lives of their fellow men. These idols though modern served to remind us of the great heights that selfless and tireless striving for the well being of fellow men can elevate even common people to attain eminence. They belonged to the entire human race like the Bamian Buddhas who regrettably suffered similar destruction about a decade ago. That this destruction at the Tank Bund took place in front of the Buddha who stood serenely in the lake as a mute witness to this horror adds poignancy to the regrettable happening. The perpetrators and the irresponsible leaders who incited and drove them to this despicable act need to be brought to book.


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4 Responses to A Natural Calamity. An Act of Vandalism.

  1. Kim says:

    I have been in Japan 6 years ago, but to hear that makes me sad too 😦
    All those pictures are horrible 😦

  2. versa kay says:

    I find that the devastation is much more severe than we thought at first. Makes me very, very sorry.

  3. The Japanese will recover from this devastation quicker than Haiti. Although the nuclear reactor is a huge concern, but I believe they will overcome this and have a new way in which to deal with the nuclear reactor. I am really impressed with some of the tall buildings that didn’t collapse due to the counter weights they constructed into their buildings to sway with the ground movement. They will overcome this devastation and come back stronger.

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