Mamma Mia

Pappa and mamma have gone to the native place to attend to some important business. Me and Mrs. are all alone and Mrs. is newly pregnant.
It is a second Satur Day, a holiday for me.It is about seven in the morning. Mrs. has already taken her bath and is reciting the Lalitha Sahasra Namam, the list of the 1000 names the graceful, kind and powerful Universal Mother, the recitation of which is a harbinger of good things and will ward off all evil.
I brush my teeth, pick up the news paper and sit down to scan the headlines.
The phone rings. It is mamma. Weekly checkup of Vadhu is due. Go take her to the hospital, today without fail, she says.
“Here is your coffee.”, it is Mrs. with the cup of steaming hot coffee. I take a sip and
say, “Ah.” . Mrs. is delighted, but still asks, “How is the coffee.”. “It is heavenly.”,I beam. Mrs. is a teetotaler as far as coffee and tea are concerned, but revels in making delicious coffee for others and she can spot good coffee just by it’s flavor. Papa and Mamma must be craving for her coffee, right now.
I tell Mrs., to get ready for her checkup. She smiles and says, ” I know mamma-in-law is sure to remember.” I take the snide sportively and get ready.
The hospital is a Roman Catholic institution. We alight at the hospital go inside the campus and reach the entrance. Just near the entrance, there is a grotto within which
there is an idol of Madonna and Child. Mrs. moves there and joins her palms together reverently in salutation. Somebody has left a little vermillion powder at the feet of the idol. Mrs. bends down picks up a little and applies it on her forehead as bindi. I am surprised but do not say anything.
The check up is over soon enough. Everything perfect. But take care, the Doctor
We are on our way back. Mrs. says, ” She must also be a manifestation of Lalitha. She gave birth to a Messiah.” I nod in agreement.


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