Why bury your sorrow beneath that wan smile of yours.

Here is my translation of a great ghazal From the movie Arth, “Tum itnia Jo muskuraraheho” sung exquisitely by Jajit Singh in his rich bass voice.
“You smile a lot, of late. What is the deep sorrow which you seem to be hiding from us.
A smile is there, no doubt, on your lips. But your eyes, we find are moist.
How haggard you are is evident . But you are bent on hiding it from us.
These tears that you are intent on imbibing, I am afraid, they will turn into a poison that will consume you.
Time, thankfully, is healing up the wounds you have suffered. Why do you insist on raking them up.
They say your destiny is determined by the creases on your palm. But pray, dont get
defeated by those petty lines on your palm.”

There is another Ghazal I heard which advises you to.give vent to your feelings rather than bottle them up.I do not remember the song completely, but the operative part goes something like this.
” Unless tears squirt out from your eyes, where is the enjoyment in grieving.”
A stanza from a Telugu poet expresses a similar sentiment as a solace to a heavy heart.
More of Jagjit singh’s songs later.


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2 Responses to Why bury your sorrow beneath that wan smile of yours.

  1. Kim says:

    I’m not so sure if time can heal every wound…. :S

  2. versa kay says:

    I don’t know of any that time does not heal.

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