Promises to keep before he sleeps with……

He loves her immensely and vice versa (no link to versakay, mind you ). Would have loved to devote himself entirely to her. But he has other promises to keep. And miles to go before he sleeps.
She pines for him. She craves for him. But she understands . He is potentially an emperor, an Ulysses and an Alexander rolled into one. But currently he is dispossessed of his own kingdom and intent on wresting it back.She waits and wails.
Thankfully there is an interregnum in his campaigns. He can not wait. He joins her.
They freak out, feast , romp have fun and frolic, you know what I mean. They are satiated. He rests his head in her lap and is half asleep. She is happy and content. But fear lurks in her, fear of their being found, fear of the long separation that may
ensue before they can live happily ever after. But Qui Sera Sera.
She begins to croon softly. What’s this. This wind is too noisy. She begins to sing softly chiding the unruly wind. It is soft and mild,nay, it’s a lullaby to her dear lord.
“Hush up, please, oh! wind, you are too noisy.
My lord is tired, he sleeps in my lap.
He is the king, alas, he doesn’t yet have his jewel-encrusted throne.
He doesn’t wear the diamond studded tiara, yet aint he the emperor that he is ever,
Don’t be naughty, don’t breeze up, better pay obeiasance to the lord.
If the stream hustles along, he wakes up startled.
When the leaves move, he is afraid and looks up.
I’m not going to keep mute, if his sleep is disturbed.
So, Hush up ……
Why don’t you go away and beg the silver-moon-light to lend him a soft downy bed.
Or go plead with the shady dark clouds to grant him his much needed slumber.
Better still, why don’t you hold a flower-bedecked fan, and wave it gently at him.”

This lyric, “Sadi seyako gali, sadi seyaboke….” from the 1961 movie, “Raja makutam”, is written by, who else but, the immortal Devulapally, and set to music by the eminent composer Master Venu and rendered pleasantly by P.Leela. And it was Raja Sulochana and Rama Rao , the former bubbly and beautiful and the latter imposing, regal and handsome, who donned the roles of the great lovers.


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