Lizzy is no more. An era has ended.

Liz Taylor died about a week ago. An era, Liz Taylor’s has come to a close. For, she was one of a kind. Great performances, greater looks, still greater guts, truly a Diva.
She lived her life on her terms, may not be exemplary, but exciting awe and, well envy.
She was at her peak during the late fifties and early sixties, the time when guys like us were in their teens or early youth. I remember to have seen a few of her movies, -BUtterfield 8, The VIPs, Cleopatra, Cat on a hot tin roof, Who is afraid of Virginia Woolfe readily come to mind. Her pformances were great, in fact they closelyreflected her own promiscuous style of life.
It is a long time ago, but some of the scenes in the movies are still vivid.
In the BUtterfield 8 , the mink coat, the fraternity of Gloria’s lovers, the encounter between the mother and the wayward daughter Gloria ,, the ghastly accident come to mind. The profanity, the vulgarity and the poignancy ofthe old couple in Who’safraid…, and Cleopatra’s imperious “Now you are dismissed.” to MarcAntony are just some.


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One Response to Lizzy is no more. An era has ended.

  1. Kim says:

    She was such a beauty. I have to watch some of her movies now though.

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