Der Besuch der alten Dame, Rani malini Devi.

We are watching  the TV serial, Chandramukhi. The serial has been going on and on for  more than an year. A new character is brought in in the current episode, Rani Malini Devi. She was a poor girl about two  or three decades ago and was  grossly and deliberately wronged by the vamp for reasons not yet known to us. Her young son was kidnapped by the wicked lady and she doesn’t know even after all those decades where he is or whether he is still alive. But she is now enormously rich. How she came into those enormous riches we do not know, yet.She imprisons the wicked lady and tortures her  to know  the whereabouts of her long lost son.
Rani means queen. The name Rani Malini Devi, seems to be a favourite with the movie and tv authors for such characts. The very first Telugu movie, the missus and me have seen together, “Pandanti Kapuram”, produced by the famous Telugu movie star Krishna, was a super hit in the early seventies.It contains a similar character again  named Rani Malini Devi, wronged by an young man in her youth and  seeking  revenge gainst him. The character wa played by the versatile and beautiful actress of yester years, Jamuna. Though no mention was found in the cine media about it then  or since then, this chaacter was a poor imitation of a similar one played well by Ingrid Bergmann in her 1964 movie, The Visit, in which the male lead was donned by Anthony Quinn. 
I saw the picture while I was in the college and liked it. I had seen some more pictures featuring Anthony Quinn since then, the most recent one being The Pirates of The Carribean, which I saw on a bleak and damp after noon , in a small theatre near the Lost Knife Street in Gaitherburg, Md,, a few years ago.


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2 Responses to Der Besuch der alten Dame, Rani malini Devi.

  1. Kim says:

    The headline is in German 😀

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