The graceful maid and the Calvary temple.

The day after the recent Easter Sun Day.
The missus is crying in pain. Her right knee has been paining excruciatingly. Still she has been going about her work cursing herself and her plight, but pleading with her dear child Lord Ganesh to relieve her of her misery. She questions Him as to what great crime or misdemeanour she had committed to desreve this treatment to her. Now and then she talks to the truant maid whereever she might be right now as to why she also has deserted her in her hour of need.
I have been taking her to a slew of doctors, who assure her that it was due to a natural process of aging and that she was fortunate that the onset in her case was very much delayed and that it was only incipient. I shudder and dread how it would be when full blown.
The maid has been absent since three days. She is a nice young girl, and she is still studying and financing her school expenses through doing odd jobs in the neighbourhood. She comes from a poor family living inthe fringes of our colony. Poor she is, still she has a bearing which would be the envy of a princess. Talks very little and to the point, prides herself in a work welldone and in time, and if someone says something harsh just looks at them and smiles. If some one offers something gratis , she would politely refuse, but if they are persistent, she takes it without much fuss. Truly an apt name her parnts have chosen for her, which translates roughly to the Regal Lady or the Grand Spouse of The Supreme Lord of The Universe, to translate it more literally. I hope her story would turn out by and by into another Cindrella saga.
It is only six-thirty in the morning, and the Sun is alredy bright. Soon enough we have to brace ourselves to face his full fury. The summer has been harsh and severe this year. Rather, as it had been in the past few years. Is the globe really getting warmer, at least in our small part of ours ?
The chimes ring. My joints are also creaking, but not so severely as those of the missus.
i get up and hobble to the door and open it. I am delighted. It is the dear-to-behold graceful girl, the maid, at the door. She has already swept the front yard of the yellow and brown carpet of neem and other leaves that the poor treeshave shed during the past three days of blistering heat, into a jute bag and sprinkled water liberally on the paving. She enters the house takes the broom and silently begins to sweep the floor and mop it. The missus ha come out of the
kitchen and noticing the girl, enquires as to what has had happened to the Regal Lady during the past few days.
The girl says she had gone to the Calvary Temple to take part in the Easter festivities. On Fri Day she went to witness the Passion Play.
The missus doesn’t comprehend what she says, She studied in the Mission School in her childhood and respects Mary Mata but beyond that she doesn’t know much about the customs and the holy events or festivities of Christianity except of course about Christmas and New year.
I ask the maid, ” How come?” . She understands my doubt and replies, ” My parents believe in the Hindu religion, but I am beginning to like the Gospel,”
I repeat plaintively, ” How come?”
She shrugs and patiently explains, Their neighbours belong to the Christian fold. They have two children, a girl and her elder brother.Every Sun Day they dress up in their finery, get hold of The Holy Book and accompany their parents to the Church. She likes the children and has been learning parables, allegories and such others from them and she likes what her freinds tell her.She still accompanies her parents to the Birla Balaji Temple whenever they go to have a Darshan of the Lord and seeks his blessings to realise her wishes, vision and ambitions.The boy, her friend, is tall and handsome, if a bit dark and can perform the movie dances, like say, NTR Junior or Mahesh Babu or even better.
He already owns and plies a pickup truck and makes a decent earning for himself. He is planning to take a Bank Loan and open a big provision store. She also likes the idea of a provision stores and is confident of managing one profitably.
I thought, with her studious habits and wisdom beyond her years, she could easily in time become an engineer or doctor or even a Chartered Accountant or a great lawyer or investmant banker. But a provision store owner ! What a fall, my Cindrella baby ,
But then I remember. Dhirubhai Ambani started as an itinerant cloth seller, And these are the days of the retail revolution in the country. And with the Good Shepard benignly leading her from behind, there is no cause for me to worry about the prospects of our Regal Lady.
“Dear Regal Lady! The bed linen is washed and ready in the washing machine. Will you please take them up to the terrace and spread them on the clothesline to dry?”, it is the missus from deep inside the house.


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One Response to The graceful maid and the Calvary temple.

  1. This is wonderfully written with great cultural understanding. I, also, wrote about a maid…in my grandmother’s house, wise and lovely, “Lupe”. Keep writing because you have an authentic perspective that relates the truth.

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