A rickshaw-walla somewhere in New York

There was a time, some four decades ago, when the population of rickshaws bicycles and scooters in Hyderabad, India was very heavy. Not any more. Big bikes and cars choke the streets.The rickshaws in Hyderabad were petit and stable, you had to bend your head and mould your frame to the contour of the canopy.the seat used to be low and you had to squat so that one of your knees would inevitably touch your copassenger’s knee.
So when I saw a rickshaw, albeit a sleek one on a street in New York, I
was facinated.This bigger rickshaw looks moe like those in Vijayawada which are regal like a king’s throne, but seems more stable, I feel this ecofreindly transport mode needs encouragement,at least to the limited extent it can serve the commutation needs in towns and citied. What do you say?


About versa kay

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