Cashew Nuts – How they came into being.

Sultan Bazaar has not changed much over the decades. The narrow road. The multitude of clothes shops on either side.The vegetable market. The Arya Samaj premises. The jostling crowds. The haggling. There is this cashew nut vendor sitting at a corner with the nuts heaped on a thick cloth on the ground at a corner on the street. The whole nuts (unshelled) are roasted on coals at her house, shelled. The pink skin is still invitingly intact. Of course it is peeled away before the delicious nuts are devoured.
When I see these nuts heaped thus on the street, my mind
goes back to my childhood.
Papa used to bring tins of imported roasted cashew nuts now and then. Sometimes he used to get us nuts embedded in solidified jaggery syrup. It too , is delicious. Though these sweetened nuts are made by most sweetmeat makers across the city, the quality of those sold by G. Pulla Reddy are without doubt.a world apart. They are crisp, and just sweet enough. And the nuts are pretty big.
But more than the salted or sweetened nuts. I like the freshly home-roasted cashew nuts with the pink skin intact. I remember to have bought a few such nuts with my pocket money, and presented them to my mom, when I was young, to her pleasant surprise. She asked, ” How do you know that I like them..” “I like them. I thought you will like them too. “, I say. . Mom laughs and says, ” Yes, I like what ever you like. And I am happy to find that you like whatever I like. Shall I tell you a story about how these cashew nuts came into being.”
The story goes like this.
The Goddess of Learning, Saraswati, has been playing her Veena for quite some time. She wishes to do something else. Writes some poetry. Sets it to music. Sings it to the accompaniment of her veena. Fondles her pet, the swan. She is still not content. Wants to do something new, something she has never tried her hand at. She looks around. Hubby, Brhma Deva has spread his tools of trade and raw materials all around him.
He is busy creating one thing after another and then imparting life to them. The Muse of Learning settles herself beside him, intently watching him at work.
“Why not try my hand at this. Looks pretty simple enough. “,she thinks. Takes a little bit of the dough lying around there. mixes a little bit of colour, some sugar and water in it and tries to roll it into a ball.. The dough is a bit soggy, and the rolled lump is somewhat oblong, but still beautiful. She sticks it to a branch of a new tree her husband has been trying to make. She nudges him. He looks up
and observes what she has made.”Not bad for one who is a
novice.” .he says approvingly. Then remembers something. ” I have made a nut to go into its fruit. I have to throw this away, then. ” he says.
” No, I forgot to put a nut into the fruit. “, she says sheepishly. The God of Creation is in a quandary. The fruit is now committed. He shrugs. It has to go without a nut then. He is about to throw it away. Saraswati grabs it from his hand and thrusts it at the fruit. The fruit is not fully set yet. The nut sticks to the fruit but stays outside it.. “No matter,” , she says, ” The fruit is sweet. The nut is
delicious. What does it matter if the nut is outside the fruit. It is a bit odd, no doubt, but it is distinctive and I have made it.”, She says and sports a defiant pout.
Brahma Deva, smiles and agrees.
Post script. : I wrote this post yesterday night.
Today Putter and Bahu have visited us. They have brought a kilogramme pack of sweetened cashew nuts of G.Pulla Reddy.

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1 Response to Cashew Nuts – How they came into being.

  1. Your narration about the creation of cashew nut is wonderful.
    It’s like tasting the ghee flavoured cashew nuts in the hot Upma.

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