A Cornucopia in an Utopia.

The load shedding is getting worse. The colliery strike continues to affect the generation of pow at the thermal power plants.The leaders of the separatist agitation offer gratuitous advice to the Government to commandeer the output of the Independent power producers (IPPs), who have been supplying the industrial consumers who are undergoing sapping power cuts, even though they remain the cash cows of the publicly owned utilities.
With high rise buildings that have cropped up flouting the municipal building regulations all around my humble single story abode, shutting out natural light, it is Broad Day Night for us,
The emergency lights have gone out, their batteries having discharged.. Ditto with the battery operated Nippo table fan. Groping in the dark, i hobble carefully towards the glass fronted show case in the drawing room and fetch the foldable Japanese paper fan that I had brought from Kyoto about twenty five years ago, and begin to fan myself.
.I could have used a news paper or old magazine instead to fulfill this task, I know that Economics is the study of human behaviour in regard to selection of scarce resources which have alternative uses, But then a news paper, or even a glossy magazine, particularly an old number, does not deserve the appellation , ‘ A Scarce Resource.’ . So I thought putting at least a Non Performing Asset, that is my precious colourful Japanese fan, to some productive use after It had been kept idle for long years, would be sound economic sense..
Power has come back on, at last, jolting me from my reveries. I get up and put the rechargeable lights, fan and the ipad on recharge.
The maid has arrived to work. The missus is chiding her, for not having brought her books to learn a new lesson, When she came to know during the early part of the academic year, that the girl’s grades in the school were abysmal, she offered to coach her. She has been teaching the girl, almost all the subjects, but mathematics is a bit beyond her, and I had to join the fray. The girl is a quick learner and is quite intelligent and diligent and we are happy that her grades have improved, We are happy, more importantly that we have found some work to look forward to every day to engage our grey cells.
The schools have been closed indefinitely due to the ongoing political agitation. Fortuitously, the festive season of Dasara has also come in handy.The girl says that she is already thorough with all the lessons that were taught in the school up to date. The respite is welcome and she has grabbed the opportunity of catching up with the movies she had missed due to her hectic schedule. The latest is ‘Dookudu’, in which Mahesh Babu is the male lead. She is right now not in a mood to learn the lessons in advance. We are are a bit disappointed, but leave it at that.
When the schools were about to open this year, the girl wished to skip over the ninth class and join in the tenth instead. But her teachers dissuaded her, and I feel rightly so. I know the pain I had been undergoing to make the girl thoroughly understand subjects like Algebra and Statistics even of the ninth standard level. The missus jokes that she was jealous that I had been hogging most of the opportunity of teaching the girl, given the relative complexity of my subject.
The girl has been kicking herself for the past few days, for not having skipped ninth and joined tenth. We ask her why. Apparently, the leadership of the agitation has assured students that when they achieve their goal, they would see that every boy or girl who passed the tenth class would be provided with a decent government job and so abide with them and take to the streets. I console her that when the Utopia emerges, there would be a cornucopia of not just jobs but everything else that she could wish and hope for, not only in the first year but perennially.


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