Soup, super, supest

We are at the dining table. I am holding forth on the contribution of the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, to the world’s other languages. Even words like sit and stand, generally thought to have originated in Old English, were actually derived from Sanskrit,, – Stith and Stambh.
The twins are eating food. Tejas says,” Grandma, Potato curry is Super. “. The missus beams. They are eating the next course Dal, cooked lentils. I tell my audience that the word soup is derived from soupa, of Sanskrit, meaning cooked lentils. Sriya, the younger of the twins. (?), who has been following my dissertation silently declares, ” Grandma, your soupa is super.”, looking at me triumphantly, at his attempt at punning. Tejas one-ups him, ” Grndma, the Soupa is Supest. ” All of us agree.
Lunch over, children are playing cricket with me and Puttar in a vacant plot in the neighbourhood.
Cricket over,we are returning. ” Grandpa, careful. Else you will step on cow dung.” Shriya cautions me.
The colony watchman is evidently in league with the dairy owners who stay near our colony, allowing their cattle to graze on the luxuriant vegetation that has grown in the vacant lots within the colony, after the recent rains.
“it’s not cow dung, dumkopf. It is bull shit.” Tejas corrects him. They debate for some time and then turn to me to decide who was correct. I am not sure. So i tell them, ” It could either be cow shit or bull dung.”
“Shoo,Will you guys keep quiet? “, says Puttar , talking over his mobile to a colleague of his from Bangalore.
The medicinal virtues of cow dung were known to the ancient Indians, millennia ago, before Alexander Fleming, chanced upon his great discovery that cow dung after all, abounded in Pencillium bacteria.Dried cow dung cakes are still used, as firewood, and the ash left over after they are burnt is used as tooth powder, in Rural India. A recent Telugu movie has a hilarious scene concerning cow dung cakes plastered on to a wall to dry, at a cowherd’s barn. It goes somewhat like this,-
The God of Death and Reckoning, Yama Dharma Raja and his Secretary, Chitragupta, (who keeps an account of the good deeds and bad, committed by the mortals during their tenure on earth, and also the balance life on earth each mortal has in his credit and whether a dying person needed to be conducted in state to heaven or herded into hell to be roasted in its sulphurous flames etc.,) are themselves sentenced by the Almighty to spend some time on lowly earth to atone for some misdemeanor they had committed.
They are moseying on the earth savouring its interesting sights and sounds. They come to a wall on which the womenfolk of a village had plastered cowdung to dry. Chitragupta, (played inimitably, by the Guinness-Book- record-weilding Telugu comedian, Brahmanandam), removes his accountant’s hat and scratches his head, looking at the wall. The boss, Lord Yama asks him what he was wondering about.
” Sir, I am at a loss to understand how the blessedvcows on earth, could aim and deposit the dung so accurately on to the vertical face of a wall.” , Chitragupta states in amazement. He has never seen the Devine Cow, ( mind you, the word Cow is derived from Sanskrit, Gow. ), Kamadhenu achieve something akin to this.


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6 Responses to Soup, super, supest

  1. Jim says:

    I make a nice lentil soup — and now I know that this is a redundant name!

    • versa kay says:

      I look forward to tasting your nice letil soup.
      While Sanskrit continues to contribute to English and other world languages with words like Guru, Pundit and the like, English has in the past few centuries, turned into the universal lingua-franca (?),and has been enriching all other languages by lending many of its native words and also those derived from numerous other languages.

  2. jagelees says:

    I love these twins already. Bet you are having so much fun with them!

  3. Kim says:

    soup, super, supest XD
    lol XD

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