Paediatric Lingustics, A Case Study With Particular reference to Unizygotic Siblings.

I find that my post on the twins evoked considerable interest. Better , i write a few more posts about them.
A few years ago. It is time .for the twins to speak. But they stubbornly refuse to speak, – well, with others.
They begin talking to each other, some gibberish. At any rate it sounded so to us, They looked pretty comfortable to keep to themselves as far as speaking was concerned. I assure Puttar and Bahu, (as though I were an authority on paediatric linguistics), that they would soon grow tired of speaking to each other and would turn to us aliens soon. But when the kids started to point to someone or the other among us, and talk among themselves in their Twinese and laugh or smile conspiratorially, Bahu and Puttar felt it was time to put their collective foot down.
They sit down in an earnest conclave and analysed the problem. Apparently, the children are getting confused,what with the multiplicity of languages they are being bombarded at with constantly.,mother tongue, father tongue, local tongues ( I mean the street slangs which have a sprinkling of words like sala or even more potent pejoratives and expletives) and the melange of tongues of their own playmates in the cosmopolitan community of the apartment complex.
Bahu and Puttar made a vital decision, the lingua-angla in the home shall be English at least for some tome in the near future, a fiat which has affected me and the missus more than the children. People began noticing that our English sounded better by the day., I am confident now that I can join the main stream and compete with the upstart call-centre crowd.
Of course, the kids stopped speaking their Twinese, at least in our presence. They now speak English in general, but they are also proficient in a number of other languages too, Puttar and Bahu of late worry a lot about their prowess in the local language.


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