Advice to myself – for the New Year

1 Be ambitious. But note that you lack full and precise knowledge of what all it entails, as and when you embark on realising your great idea. Know that the road to success and fortune is long, thorny and arduous,- it is paved with penury. Take risks, but evaluate their reasonable outcomes. There are people who do not venture at all, afraid of all the pitfalls on the way. They are others who jump in without a thought of the depth and breadth.
So try and envisage every detail, every eventuality, as far as possible, before you commit.But remember. too much of analysis may induce paralysis.
Be the one who sees the project through to its fruition, braving all the vicissitudes.
2.Treat problems along the way as potential opportunities.Shadows are but indicators that light is lurking behind them. Stare hard at things, look differently at and for things others may overlook but could be pregnant with solutions.Smoothen or wear out the rocks that impede your flow.. It takes time and effort and patience.
3.Don’t be desultory or fitful . Be creatively persistent .and persistently creative. Latest equipment or costly facilities may not always be substitutes for intelligence. Conserve and stretch your resources, to last till you reach your summit. Sustain your enthusiasm.Success is the product of a strong resolve in the face of odds. Act, act, here and now. Today is the bud that blossoms into the fragrant rose of tomorrow.Be patient. Building something takes time.Abandoning doesn’t.Fortune favours the persistent.
4 Assess progress at reasonable intervals. Reevaluate risks and opportunities and re-chart your course. Don’t fight shy of learning or relearning what is necessary along the way. You’re never too old to learn a new trick or two. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and how to deploy them for your purpose in the changed circumstances..Know when to leapfrog , back off or sidestep.
And don’t tarry when it is infeasible, – get out when the going is still good. Don’t continue to take on things stupidly and endlessly, if you can’t see a fruitful conclusion to them.. Success comes not always from the ability to persist , but in the ability to start afresh when a fruitful outcome is bleak.

5.Reach out to people. Big or small. Great or poor. Make an effort to make yourself presentable and known to all others who may be of help to you. Don’t be standoffish. Don’t be drawn back by your ego or your pride.Learn to get along with people, whether you like them or not, if it is necessary for culmination of your work.
6. Plant the seed , water the plant and nurture it patiently till it blossoms and then yields fruit. It needs sustained intelligent effort.
Success favours the careful, the intelligent, the studious, the humble and the persistent. Luck is the hand-maid of perseverance.
Good luck.All the best in the new year.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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6 Responses to Advice to myself – for the New Year

  1. jagelees says:

    Such wonderful goals……I love how each and every one will benefit others…..not just yourself. I always love reading your musings. Especially today. Happy New Year!

  2. These really do sound like wonderful goals to achieve and I know you will succeed in making sure they happen. I really have missed your blog and glad I stopped by 🙂

  3. suzicate says:

    I’m glad you shared this advice as we can all benefit…thank you.

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