Kabhi khud pe rona aya.

In a recent post I wrote about a great song from the 1961 Dev Anand movie Hum Dono. A friend of mine who happened to read the post, enquired as to how I missed another equally great song from the same movie, “kabhi khud pe
kabhi halaat pe rona aaya”.
A great lyric, great music, greatly rendered and greatly enacted.
I salute, Jaidev, Sahir Ludhanvi, Rafi and Dev respectively for giving us a memorable song. Yes, how did it slip out of my mind? It is simply that I wrote the older post on the spur of the moment when the song, ” Mei Zindagee ka saath nibhaata chala gaya”, came into my mind.

I venture to translate the other song for you .

“I wail over myself, some time,
And some other time, I wail over my plight.

When things came out into the open,
I wailed over things, all and sundry.

I thought I had put her behind me,
Then how is it that today,
I wail and over whom.

Why and what for do we live?
And for whose sake do we live ?
Over and over I wail over such weighty questions.

Who ever would wail, my friend, over the travails of others.
It’s over something that concerns one’s self that every one wails”

Hope you like the song, too.
You can find it at this link.

P.s: Statutory warning:
Smoking injures your health.
And drinking destroys the liver(Pun intended)


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2 Responses to Kabhi khud pe rona aya.

  1. jagelees says:

    I love the word “wail” and how much emotion it seems to convey!

  2. Versa Kay says:

    You got the point ! i thought of using the milder word, ‘grieve’, but then I thought it did not convey in full the emotion and anguish behind the original lyric.

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