A new I, every day.

It is the season for meditation, contemplation, introspection and retrospection . Seeking the self, seems to be the in-thing among my friends, .I am beginning to worry. I am way behind my cohorts in this regard. A lot of sacred water has flown down the rivers of India and the world, with out my having something tangible to show as a raison de’etre for my long mundane stay here on this crowded lonely planet.
I have lived a reasonably humble existence. I loved my people and though to a lesser extent, people not strictly my own .( Not that I have not received much more by way of affection in return). I have learnt a little about some things and used a wee bit of what I have learnt, for the benefit of, others even, besides myself. And I hope to leave a li’l bit of some junk or other, as a legacy at least for my kin. What more can Stephen Covey expect from someone like me?
I feel it is easier to perceive life as something or other that goes on getting written into the RAM of a computer. A program and some data is fed in at the start and the program works on the problem, generating more data in the process and it arrives at some outcomes. After a while the battery gets discharged . And that is that.
I think a human is not very much superior to the other beings on the earth, except that he is endowed with a better intellect. And his superior intellectual capability seeks to find a rationale for all this seemingly meaningless plodding, called life. And to reassure one’s self that it was not finis after all, when one leaves the world. And to know how all this happens, at whose behest and for what purpose.
All the exalted things that the spiritual treatises of every religion of the world, say about things like reincarnation, the soul and the like, seem to me, are after all inspired surmises, rather than gospel truths.
There are people who have left this world while they were in slumber. And ain’t slumber itself a sort of death. And if death were some sort of deep slumber, then what is troubled sleep, continuing the same metaphor? The late night horror movies we take recourse to when sleep eludes us, attempt to answer this.
Can one view the waking up from slumber at the dawn everyday as some sort of reincarnation? I am inclined to think so, but then I do not have to lose all the material or mental baggage that I had managed to acquire since my birth, in the process..
I feel this reincarnation every day is a benediction from Whomever, which I ought to put to the optimum use. For the benefit of me and for that of everyone else. When you were born you did not have the good fortune of all the knowledge and sensibility to know what was wrong and what was right. But at the dawn of every day you have this asset with you intact, if only you choose to use it.
As a gesture of thanksgiving for having been born again thus, what remains for me to do is, to try and selectively wipe out whatever things that are gross in me so as to prevent them from keeping on infecting my RAM when the RAM is booted up from the hard disk at the dawn.
And try to put this fresh lease of twenty four hours of life ( minus the time that is lost to slumber) to improve myself body and soul, leveraging all the assets and good sense that I have acquired to date.
Good luck to this, my new Avatar-of-this-day.. And may this Avatar lead to a series of progressively better ones.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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