It’s bliss to bear your pain silently.

Here is yet another beautiful lyric about, well, insanity, by the late Hakim Mohammad Nasir, which I have attempted to translate into English. Hope you will like it.

You have turned me insane.

You keep on telling me about how it was with strangers.
Look, I have had my own fill, with my kith and kin!
People walk, wary of thorns strewn across the way.
I have suffered enough hurt that I got, being hit with flowers.

Whose concern is it that he has fettered me?
Well,it is just his chattel.He is entitled to hold it wherever he pleases..
Still, my heart craves that he declares at least, “Well, let me recollect.
It is a just a petty thing you see, God knows, where I left it.”
You have turned me insane,
And now every other fellow picks up brickbats to hurl at me..

Come dear, remain in my eyes and I’ll lower my eyelids.
Neither can I see any thing else, nor will I allow you to.
Exquisite love, like mine , does it hold your heart too in thrall ?
Love, just another name for what you have in fact named, as a sentence-to-love.

Does the Basil taste as sweet as the tall and slender date-palm?
It doesn’t give you shade as and when it is hot.
Nor can you grab any fruit whenever you are hungry.
The world has taken to worshipping the big crazy rock.
But does any one worship the millstone lying around in the home?
Even though one relishes the flour that it puts out.

Why sir, do you keep on raining those stones on me?
Haven’t I regarded even you once, as my God Almighty.
Listen to me, darling Am I equal to you?
When you weigh your soul against mine
And find them both equal, you are divine.
Of what avail are kohl or other cosmetics to those eyes
That can not treat others as their own.

A sage craves for knowledge, not for wealth.
And the one who chases wealth, can he be a sage ?
I have seen a strange thing.
The one that performs his pious duties with out fail,
Resorts still, to profane deeds.

Nasir, now smile and pour out to me even the bitterness of life ,
For, in silently bearing misery,
Lies the bliss that nature has endowed us with.
A few stanzas of this great ghazal were sung beautifully by Ghulam Ali in his great sweet voice, in Chakravakam,( Ahir Bhairavi), long years ago. More recently this memorable lyric bearing mystical overtones,has been rendered by Aabida Parveen, in her inimitable way, with all her heart soul and enthusiasm, in Sindhu BhairaviI .
I remember to have seen her perform at the Ravindra Bharati a decade or so ago,

The Urdu lyric is given below.

Jab Se Tune Mujhe Deewana Bana Rakha Hai

Aap gairon ki baat karte hain
Humne apne bhi aajmaye hain
Log kanton se bach ke chalte hain
Humne phholon se jakhm khaye hain
Kisika ka kya jo kadmo par jab ine bandagi rakhdi
Hamari cheez thi humne jahan jani wahan rakhdi
Jo dil manga ki woh bole ke thairo yaad karne do
Jara si cheez thi humne khuda jane kahan rakhdi

Sang har shakhs ne haathon mein utha rakha hai
Jab se tu ne mujhe deewana bana rakha hai

Aa piya more nainan mein
Main palak dhanp tohe yun
Na main dekhu aur ko na tohe dekhan du
Us ke dil par bhi kadi ishq mein guzree hogee
Naam jis ne bhi mohabbat ka saza rakha hai

Tulsi aisi preet na kar jasi lambi khajoor
Dhoop lage to chhaon nahin bhook lage to phal duur

Duniya badi baawari pathhar pujne jaye
Ghar ki chakki koi na puje jiska pisa khaye
Pathharon aaj mere sar par baraste kyon ho
Main ne tum ko bhi kabhi apna khuda rakha hai

Pritam hum tum ek hain kahan sun do
Man se man toliye to maan kabir hoye
Kajal garun kirkara surma saha na jaye
Jin nainan base duja ko na samaye

Sadhu bhuka bhao ka dhan ka bhuka nahin
Dhan ka bhuka jo phire so woh sadhu nahin
Main ajab yeh rasm dekhi ke baroje iid qurban
Wohi jibha bhi kare hain wohi le shabab ulta

Pee ja ayyam ki talkhi ko bhi hans kar naasir
Ghum ko sahne mein bhi qudrat ne maza rakha hai


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