Who wrote Annamayya’s poetry?

I wrote a post a few days ago of a student who felt that he ws wrongly accused of having written the epic Ramayana.
Evidently he has not been viewing the recent movies or the TV. I find that these media have been playing a great role in imparting useful lessons to our young men and women in general knowledge and culture.
Annamayya the 16th century poet wrote thousands of great lyrics on the Lord of The Seven Hills. Most of the lyrics are written in the people’s language, the simple, quaint and if archaic-now, Telugu. He did not choose to follow the rules of rhyme, grammar or Metre. These folksy lyrics called ‘Pada Kavithalu’ loved by common folk, were looked down upon at one time by sophisticated poets like Srinatha. The popularity of his simple and elegant lyrics pregnant with profound spiritual and devotional essence has burgeoned in recent years.
I find that the movie Annamayya, has also played a role in popularising his lyrics, or at least the few of them, that were catchily and melodramatically,rendered and picturised on the matinee idol, Nagarjuna who donned the role of Annamayya in the movie.
No wonder, queries about the movie and the work and life of Annamayya are frequently posed in quiz and reality shows on TV recently.
The other day in the Suma’s show,”Star Mahila” on ETV, Suma posed this question to one of the participants, ” Who is the author of the lyric, ‘ Adigo alladigo Sri Hari vaasamoo’?”
When the lady seeks help to answer the query, she is provided two likely names to choose from, ” Annamayya and Nagarjuna.”
The lady promptly picks, Nagarjuna, as the author of the lyric.
Kudos to our education system.


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