A writer and a banker.meet.

First April .
Two men meet at a party. They debate within themselves whether to greet each other or not. One of them approaches the other and extends his hand, ” Vikram”
The other stares at the other sharply and replies, ” Vikram ” and holds the proffered hand. Now it is the turn of the first to scowl at the other.
He explains,, ” Vikram Seth from London. I’m a pundit. I write sonnets and novels. You must be familiar with The Golden Gate.” The other is disappointed. He says, ” Vikram Pundit, from New York. I’m a seth.
I steer clear of gates be they of gold or.water. Besides, I find the works of Dodd-Funk more to my liking.”

Glossary : pundit = scholar, writer.
seth = businessman, banker.
vikram = valorous


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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