Turn my heart into a stone, My Lord.

The devout do not mind pain, if it were in the service of the kind Lord or His children,the mankind. They may even invite insanity if it would bring succour or solace to their fellow beings.
Jagit Singh and Lata Mangeshwar came together to sing an album of Urdu poems, in a two casette album entitled Sajda, about two decades ago, after Chitra Singh stopped singing.

Here is my translation into English, of its opening lyric, an invocation to the Almighty. The Urdu lyric follows the translation.

I prithee, My Lord, to grant me nothing more than suffering and pain. And over that,,if you so choose , do strike me insane even, My Lord,

Did I ever ask you for the moon or the stars?
Suffice it to me, if you grant a kind heart and a clear vision , My Lord,

Who has not seen the thing we know as the sun ?
But pray let us experience some real dawn now, My Lord,,

Pray heal the wounds that this earth has suffered,
Or else, My Lord, turn my heart, into a stone,

Dard se mera daaman bhar de, yah Allah
Phir chahe deewana kar de, yah Allah

Maine tujh se chand sitare kab mange,
Roshan dil, bedaar nazar de, yah Allah

Suraj si ek cheez to hum sab dekh chuke,
Sachmuch ki ab koi saher de, yah Allah

Ya dharti ke zakhmon per marham rakhde,
Ya mera dil patthar kar de, yah Allah.


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2 Responses to Turn my heart into a stone, My Lord.

  1. Aek bohot hi khobsorat aor touchy geet k lyrics share kiye hain.
    Translation is well.

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