A bit of gossip. Nothing else.

Thurs day, 12 th April.
The missus is exchanging gossip across the compound wall with her neighbour. The two lades have been talking for over an hour, while I wait patiently for my brunch. I am reminded of a humorous poem by the great Telugu writer and researcher Arudra I read a long time ago. I do not remember the lines or the magazine in which it appeared, but only the general import.
In the poem he recounts a similar exchange between two ladies. (Interestingly,Telugu ladies, until a few decades ago used to address each other endearingly as, Pinni garu, (revered aunt) .i have seen old timers still insist on addresssing their younger neighbours as. Pinni Garu, to their discomfiture. While some respectful ones cringe at this but discreetly acquiesce, some irreverent upstarts politely pay their senior neibours in the same coin, by addressing them as Bamma Garu,, (respected granny.)

In the Arudra’s poem, the two lades are aware that there is pressing work awaiting them and intend to go back but the gossip is too interesting to leave midway. Every few minutes one or the other of them says, ” OK, Pinni Garu, Bye for now. Oh, I am getting forgetful. Have you heard this ……….?..”. And the exchange goes on and on. In the accompanying cartoon by Bapu, the affected hubbies, respective, I mean, steadily grow, no,not stubble, but o long beard.. Hyperbole, eh, but often true, well at least metaphorically.
I note with regret that, yet another medium of communication, I mean the compound wall (or the fence at some rural locations) has by and large fallen by the wayside with the advent of the cellphone, and the internet. Before I proceed with this post, let me first mow this untidy beard off my chin. The missus has been complaining for sometime now that I look sickly with this beard of mine
It was quite hot and a bit sultry during the day. The earth quake centered near Indonesia has resulted in tremors in some places of the state and fears of impending Tsunami.
There was a gale and showers iat about ten in the night. Two dry fronds of coconut, a few ripe coconuts and raw mangoes have dropped onto the terrace. The welcome spring showers have cooled the air considerably. i


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2 Responses to A bit of gossip. Nothing else.

  1. Chaitanya says:

    Nice one! Conversations of this type still exist in small villages and towns.. !

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