Zohra Sehgal is 100.

Zohra Sehgal, the great actor, will be 100 tomorrow. I have seen her first on TV in Tandoori Nights and then in Bend It Like Beckham. I have also seen her in a number of Hindi movies. A very natural actor. Comedy, I feel is her forte, though she can easily make you cry when she chooses to in a tragic situation. Here are a few URLs which put her work and life in perspective.

Here is the URL for the part 1 of an article on her.


The URL for part 2 of this article is given below


You can watch the video of the interview by Smita Prakash (ANI) at

And then here is an excerpt of an interview of her with SAMRAT CHAKRABARTI .From Tehelka Magazine, Vol 7, Issue 33, Dated August 21, 2010
“IN 1947, a couple of days after Independence, when we were allowed to put up the Indian flag for the first time, people all over Bombay were out in the streets dancing and singing — musicians, artists, businessmen, everyone. So we also decided to go out in a procession from the Prthivi Theatre to Azad Maidan where everyone had gathered. Raj Kapoor was beating the drums, I was dancing behind him and the rest, including Papaji (Prithviraj Kapoor), followed. On my way back home on the train, I heard that a famous writer Ahmed Abbas had called me India’s Isadora Duncan. That was a great compliment because she had been my inspiration. When I told my husband, he said, ‘How do you think I felt when I heard from my friends that you were out dancing in the streets like a randi?’ .That was the husband in him speaking. Years later, in his suicide note, my husband wrote, ‘I can stand everything but your arrogance.’ The world knows that Zohra never bowed her head to anyone but Kameshwar.”

Here is the URL of Another interview ( of 2008 ) with Zohra Saigal


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