Pearls Of Wisdom From The Realm Of Business.

Successful Innovation calls for , a glowing talent, a burning zeal, an ability to slog, an individualism to rely on one’s self, a capacity to enthuse others,, a courage to face risk, a willingness to change, and above all a basic honesty.

1.Here is an excerpt from a Toyota advertisement.
“Why do I work so hard ?
Because that’s how I have fun.
if I am not challenged my work suffers.
To me a building isn’t concrete and steel. It’s a mirror.
If I’m bored my buildings will be boring.
But if I am excited, my buildings will inspire. ”

2.Here is another such excerpt, from an Onida Home Appliances’ advertisement,

“The other side of the coin.

Nobody heard your faint nick.
Nobody appealed,
Your conscience appeals to you.
You walk out.
That’s cricket.”

3.Here is a nice advertisement by Arihant Industries,
“He who can refine passion into an inner zeal,
That perfectly blends all aspects of his life,
Into an accomplished whole,
Yes, he is a gentleman.”

Do you cherish any such advertisements?

4.And here is the inaugural course for a nascent company Crossworlds, (Acquired later by IBM) as chartered by its Founder and Chief Executive, Katrina Garnett, “We are going to go where nobody has gone before.”

5.Here is another quote, this by Nicholas Negroponte, that advises you to set your sights high and pole-vault to them, ” Incrementalism is innovation’s worst enemy.”
This, I find reflects a Chinese proverb,
” You don’t leap a chasm in two bounds.”

5. And here is Paul Allen, on Microsoft having sold a million copies of BASIC,
” It would be a very gratifying thing to realize, that you have been able to affect other people’s lives in a positive way.”

6.And now, a gem from Warren Buffet,

“You try to be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy.”

7. Another wise one by Konosuke Matsushita,

“The Chinese sages of old admonished rulers to, ‘ Worry ahead of the people and enjoy after everyone else.’ ”

8. Another lovely one from Tom peters, Management Consultant,

“Mistakes are not to be tolerated. They are to be encouraged.”

9. And Heilmeier, inventor of LCD, displays his sagacity,

“The road to failure is jammed with people who think they can get away with not doing the tough stuff.”


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