The Essence of Philosophy.

Don’t choose the easier way out of throwing-in the towel, ab initio.
Do your duty with steadfast devotion and dogged determination, Do it with a sense of purpose But with a sense of detachment. Devoid of a desire for or an anticipation of, the outcome, delectable or detestable. Don’t give it a thought. Leave it to chance. Strive to achieve the hard way what you have sought out to accomplish, not just for a sense of fulfillment, not in anticipation of a happy outcome, nor for the enjoyment of the sweet fruit of your labor, but because it has devolved on you as your duty. It is thus alone, that you turn an achiever, a yogi. Continue being a yogi.
But, then it is time , to turn away, to disentangle yourself from, not just everything that you did or have achieved, but even from having to do anything worth the name , any more. Time to turn deliberately away from all that you have learnt how to do, or what all you did or expected to do with that learning. Time to set about to know some esoteric thing or the other all over again, regarding what all there is to learn about how to disentangle yourself from everything material,. When you have thus learnt everything that is there to learn and needed to learn, and even that which lies between the lines, about the thing about which no one knows anything for sure, you have achieved all there is to achieve, you have attained all there is to attain, a state of perfect knowledge and absolute achievement. When you have willfully detached yourself from everything that you strove to embrace, you cling to whatever remained, with ardent desire. You seep into it blissfully and eternally ever after. Aum santi, santi, santi.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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