Change of Guard in France

There is a change of guard in France. What it entails for France, EU, and the world at large, needs to be seen. The initial lollipops may be comforting for the mass of the populace of the country, who showed Sarkozy the door. They may not matter much, than cosmetic, in the larger economic context. How tangible or material the taxation measures on the well-to-do, would be for the economy needs to be seen.
Pushing through the ambitious revival, stimulation and growth plans that were promised to the electorate and finding the wherewithal to fund them, would one feels, be a different matter altogether,
The party is over. It is still time for austerity and some more austerity, not only from the rich. And discipline, fiscal discipline. There will be no let up. Particularly from Deutschland. No point in resenting it. It is well meaning.
There are suggestions, as there had been similar ones in the case of the United States, that a regime of austerity and a tight leash on inflation would not be conducive to demand-stimulation and revival. To my mind this sounds like suggesting that, let us eat cake, because everyone in the house is depressed that the bread-earner has lost his job.
Unless a troubled economy has the necessary ways and means in house to fulfill the stimulated demand, loosening the purse strings can, one feels, cause more problems than a tight leash on money.
I am a novice in economics. But I wish the French people well in the coming years under the new regime.


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