Cradle tales of Hinduism – The story of Parikshit

I am watching the umpteenth episode of an inane serial on the Etv. The missus comes into the hall and declares, ” Dinner is ready. Are you ready? ”
Some really sinister intrigues and gory things are being planned, managed and executed, yes executed, by the villainous ladies in the serial against one other. Some are violently violent, others are mildly violent and some others benignly violent, but all are violent ans scheming.And the police are ridiculously absent or when they manifest they are the butts of the manifest destiny devised by one of the lady-villains, or are foisting ‘ brothel cases ‘ on innocent and pious ladies at the behest of the lady-villains who are their evident pay-masters.
‘This is the stage for some one like you to be chanting Krishna, and Rama and you are intently watching this trash ?’, the missus grabs the remote and switches the channel on to the Bhakti TV.
Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma, the great Sanskrit and Telugu scholar, writer and exponent of religion and philosophy, and a gifted speaker is recounting the story of Parikshit. Sri Samavedam is a graduate in Economics but has found his cslling, eminently, in religious activities. He.had written a few devine lyrics for movies even. And he is a gifted racanteur.

He is recounting the tale of King Parikshit. The great tale of Maha Bharatam occurs in passing in Bhagavatam also, if I am not wrong. I heard the story first in my childhood,from my mother.Later I read it in Telugu in an illustrated telugu retelling of Maha Bharatam in Telugu, ( Balala Bommala Bharatam)..
Much later I read it in English in a book titled, ” Cradle Tales of Hinduism” by Sister Nivedita,( an Irish lady by name Margarer Elizabeth Noble in her early life and later a disciple of Swami Vivekananda ) in which she retold a number of great tales from the Indian mythology.I bought the book published by Advaita Ashrama, 5, Dehi Entally Road, Calcutta, 700 014.

Here is a link to an interesting blog, which I have come across just now, where you can find another rendering of the story.
One interesting part of the story which was dealt in detail by Sri Samavedam on the Bhakti TV related to the bribing of The sage Kahyapa by Takshaka, the deadly great serpent, to prevent the sage from treating and restoring the king when he should be bitten by Takshka in fullfillment of the curse on the king.
Evidently corruption is not a new phenomenon. The difference seems to be only in the extent of prevalance, iits reach and its effects.


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