State of things, a stinking pot-pourri

In the letters to the editor, in The Hindu dated June, 28, 2012, one of the readers commenting on the plea of some of the accused bureaucrats of A.P., that, they had to sign some bad orders under political pressure, as puerile, writes further that, ” Officers who reach the level of Secretary are expected to have minimal bureaucratic skills to save themselves.”
I feel, what the reader means is that, they are expected to have a minimal , bureaucratic skills, (whatever the term bureaucratic, might mean) ,at least to save their skins. But I agree with the meaning of the sentence per se, even as it stands, knowing the standards of government these days. Yes, many of them evidently don’t have the minimal skills to save their skins, let alone the souls of the populace they are expected to administer.
And with all the intense public scrutiny the bureaucrats are functioning under, these days, consequent to the unveiling of several serious scandals , one gets afraid that they will be displaying more ingenuity and caution by cutting the red tape, well, not across but lengthwise. And toss the buck back and forth,laterally, and vertically
In another news item in the same issue, about the murder of a private financier, the reporter says that the victim was attacked by the miscreants, “indiscriminately”. Evidently they lacked the curtesy, finesse or time to go about the deed with discrimination.
The Union Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee is lucky and skillful. He dodged the
‘ Steeply Falling Rupee” landing hard onto his shiny pate, right in time, by consenting to be the UPA’s candidate for the presidency..
Peter’s Principle in practical operation.
It is now once again the beleaguered prime minister’s mission to revive, ( in his own words,), the ” animal spirit in the country’s economy” . Hopefully the animal will turn out to be, not the traditional elephant but a sprightly cheetah. :
I return home from the vegetable market. The bag is much lighter than it normally used to be and my purse too is so.
I declare, cheerfully to the missus, ” I have returned !”
The missus retorts, ” Why are you so happy. You are not a political leader or business tycoon who is coming out of jail on bail, facing charges of stealing crores of rupees of public money or even a magistrate who granted him bail for valuable considration,. are you? By the way where is the bicycle ?.”
I grin sheepishly. I forgot to ride it back home. Had the bag been heavier I would have remembered. It is still parked at the market. Unless some needy fellow conversant with the concepts of Lebens Raum, has appropriated it for himself, The missus chides me
, ” Do you think you are the British Prime Minister or what, to be so forgetful?”
Looking at my dumb kopf she elucidates, ” He and his spouse reportedly forgot their daughter at a restaurant where they dined together, and returned home without her.”



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