The Lord-in-exile is served devoutly by His spouse and His brother.

Tyagaraja is curious. He is not sure whether the service he rendered to his Lord Sri Rama was fully to His liking or not. The Graceful Lord has great devotees and they compete to serve him with enthusiasm, devotion and as ordained in the scriptures.
And foremost among them are the Lord’s. Spouse, Seetamma, and His Brother, Lakshmana, ( Sowmitri)…They had the exclusive privilege of accompanying Him to the woods, staying with Him and serving Him to His and their heart’s content. It was much later that Hanuman comes to Him to claim his preeminent place in the pantheon of The Lord’s devotees
It would be useful and informative to know how they went about serving The Lord, to His and their satisfsction. But how to know that? And whom to turn to, to know? Why not seek it straight from the horse’s mouth, rather, The Lord’s mouth.? Tyagaraja begins the enquiry. .

” Won’t You please tell me , My Lord,?
As to how cutely they stand in attendance on either side beside You. And go about serving You?
The lady with the pearly white teeth, who surpasses the moon in beauty, The divine mother Seetamma,.,
And then , Your brother Sowmitri,. ,
Won’t You tell me, My Lord,
How they both cutely stand beside You, Sri Rama, in attendance and go about serving You? Do they greet You with the entire body, prostrating before You ? Do they chant with affection Your Famous Name?
Or do they contemplate You in the mind and get blissful ?
Do spare a thought for Tyagaraja and Hari ! Hari !
Won’t You please tell me how those two stand in attandance on either side beside You and go about serving You.?”


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