Buffaloes, Busses, Big Business, Big Guys and Banks

In a Telugu movie aired on the TV recently, Sreekant, the lead player, owns a bus, which, one would more aptly call a jalopy or a clunker or a bucket. (In Telugu we call it a dokku- bussu . Sounds very much like the Japanese or the Italian tongue, ain’t it? )
Coming back to the subject, Sreekant wishes to get a loan from the bank, mortgaging his jalopy to the Bank. He waits there, as the manager, ( played by Tanikella Bharani) is not readily available.
The manager arrives in due time. He is dragging a buffalo and its calf along, towards the bank. The owner of the buffalo is tagging along pleading with the manager to release the animals and promises that he would be paying the loan installment within a few days. The manager refuses. He tells his attendant to provide quarters to the ma-buffalo and its kid, rather calf, and feed them properly, milk the ma-buffalo, sell the produce and set-off the net income against the loan installment, until the borrower is in a position to pay the installments regularly.
Sreekant is worried that his ramshackle bus doesn’t stand a slim chance against such a strict manager.
However he makes bold, goes and greets the manager and tells him of the purpose of his visit. The manager looks at him severely and says that he should not entertain any such hope of getting a loan unless the bus is inspected and adjudged by him, the manager, to be in a fit condition.
Sreekant assures him that his bus was in excellent condition. And then he fills-in the application, and hands it over to the manager. who looks into it and exclaims that Sreekant was after all, the son of one of his dear friends. They both enacted in a number of dramas on the Telugu stage. His father was reputed for his big resonant voice which never failed to reach the farthest audience, even in the days when there were no microphones and loud speakers.
Sreekant takes the opportunity to bawl out a Telugu stage song in a voice as big and as resonant as his dad’s.
The manager is impressed. He decides that someone who could sing a Telugu stage poem so well, loud and clear, and who was the son of such a greatly accomplished father, who incidentally was his friend too, ought not to be denied a loan.
What happened to the mortgage and the repayments and all that need,not concern us here.
And then, there have been any number of stories in the movies, of haughty and powerful political and business bigwigs pressurizing Banks into sanctioning mega loans to their proteges against dubious securities, or to waive off loans to their constituencies on pleas of hardship.
We have progressed a lot from the difficult days when banks loaned you an umbrella when it was sunny and demanded it back when it rained..
By the way, I have quite a few old umbrellas of different vintages, which the missus has been pestering me, to get repaired ,now that the monsoon has arrived, I think, better still, why not mortgage them in a bank, get a tidy loan and buy a set of new ones, what do you say ? I have seen the manager of the bank in my neighborhood hum carnatic music to himself while on business.
” An increase in slippage ratios, rise in the quantum of restructured assets and a high rate of growth in non-performing assets (NPAs) relative to credit growth implied that the concerns on asset quality of banks remain elevated. ” the RBI said in its Financial Stability Report of June 2012. – UNQUOTE.
The Hindu dated, June 29, 2012.


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