On a Sabbath for four months.

I return from my morning constitutional. Ain’t it more sophisticated to put it this way rather than just saying, I went for my morning walk. But a walk is a walk is a walk by whatever name you call it, bothersome, especially in the early mornings, when you would much better remain snuggled up endlessly, (Ananta Sayanam) in your soft downy bed ensconced in softer blankets.
But the missus, an early riser, doesn’t see eye to eye with me, on this. Besides she is concerned about the pronounced paunch I have been growing since about a month, the period roughly coinciding with the steady shower of mangoes and coconuts into our backyard which has resulted in a seasonal variation in our culinary proclivities and preferences and dietary changes. That explains my paunch and the morning walks, which I very much like, if only taken by, others disturbing my peace of resting mind, rather than me.
“Returned and so soon. Is it fifteen minutes since you embarked on your long walk?.”, the missus chides me. “it is not how long you walk,but how briskly you walk, that matters.”, I explain to her the rationale behind my quick return from my walk, flaunting my kurta drenched in sweat.

“Well. I need a coconut for my pooja. Will you peel one for me. “,she says.
” Why ? Fri Day is past. It’s Satur Day today, And I gave you a husked a coconut for you yesterday ?”
” True. But it is Toli Ekadasi, today. By the way, will you fast today. I am fasting. You do, too.”
I shrug, take a coconut and a screw driver and sit down husking it. Husking a dry coconut is difficult, mind you, but I am quite adept now in this fine art.
Fri day is a Sabbath day for the missus and for lot other Hindus , across the world. By Sabbath, here, I do not mean a day of rest and relaxation, but going about your work in a pious and detached frame of mind and refraining from mundane transactions, to the extent feasible. It is a day named after the Goddess of wealth and and wellbeing as Laksmi varam, though it has another name, Sukra varam. Many people desist from parting with money on this day of the week.

Coming to Toli Ekadasi, it falls on the Eleventh day in the brighter fortnight of the month of Ashada of the Hindu calendar. It marks the day on which Lord Vishnu, the preserver deity of The Hindu Trinity , embarks on a four month Yoga Slumber. Or Yoga Sleep, The Yoga Sleep is a divine version of the yoga sleep practised and taught
by some yoga experts. It is a superconscious (turiya) state of mind and body, where in you are in a state resembling a deep peaceful slumber and relaxation (exibiting pronounced Delta waves on an ECG) yet conscious of the world around you.
During the four months following the Toli Ekadasi or Sayana Ekadasi, the devout normally go about their normal work, but in a pious and serene frame of mind, refraining studiously from planning or contemplating or embarking on any substantial or elaborate new ventures or endeavors.

Here are two links to several other links to let you know of the significance of Toli Ekadasi.



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