Hiroshima, 67 years ago

I was there, but much later. About four decades later. Saw the eerie cage like dome of the Indl. promotional hall, the memorial where paper cranes were placed in reverence to the memory of a small girl who died after suffering of radiation burns for a few years , The Hiroshima Peace Memorial where a flames burns in honor of about 70000 people who perished in the holocaust,, a lake and and a woodbwhich seemed lovely but which lake, sizzled dry in an instant and the the whole wood transplanted to take the place of another which evaporated into thin air four decades ago, the ghostlike eternal shadow of a man who leaned against the wall of a bank only to get incinerated into a puff of smoke just like that.
It was much later, about two decades later to that, that I happened to visit another such place of similar massive mayhem in the great city of New York which provided succor and shelter to myriads of hapless people from all across the worls.


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