The sky above, the mother, earth below.

The advent of Dr.C.Narayana Reddy from his staid position of Reader in the Osmania University, into the glittering world of Tollywood, with his lovable lyric “Nannu Dochu konduvate Vannela Dorasani”, in the hit movie Gulebakavali” long decades ago, was like waft of perfume, very different from the ones you were used to until then. It imparted a new and quaint touch to Telugu movie lyrics.
He steadily soared higher and higher in the film world. But he never abandoned his home turf, that is teaching in the Osmania University, from which too, to he soared higher and higher in the academic realm.
Here is a poem, he published in one of the Telugu Magazines,or news papers ( I do not remember which.) at the time of his Shasti Poorthi, that is his attaining of sixty years of age. I discovered it copied by me into one of my old scrap books. I find it some what autobiographical.
I give my translation into English followed by the original lyric, transliterated into the Roman script.


Can there be a better mirror than some one dear to you, if you are really keen to look at your self?
Can there be a better datum than the ground down below, if you wish to assess the dizzy heights you have attained ?
Look at that kite, flying high, dancing on its long tail , yonder, can you spot it even?
And if perchance, the tail falls off, the very snake’s-hood rearing in the air, doesn’t it get limp like a burst bubble of water? When the fledgeling wings grow legs, the progress is ascent. And wings, however strong they be, can they rest in a vacuum? No, they don’t.
They need alight on a tree that proudly lifts its head up from its home-base, mother earth. The wings that fly, can’t but return to their nest.
So do the feet that ascend too, They need return to the very base where they started crafting words in print.
Not every scrap of paper tied to a string, can hope to soar away to the heavens, like a kite. Unless the fingers that guide it to fly off have eyes of lightning.
Not every lump of flesh with legs to stand on, can attain its summit of hopes, Not before it’s aching knees crave for rest.
To paint a cloud with a brush of steamy-hot-breath is ascent, To allow creepers of cool rain down from a canopy you call sky, it is descent.
The cycle of ascents and descents on and on, is the sonorous melody that brings the diverse four corners of earth together

Dr.C.Narayana Reddy.

Nijamga nee mukham chhosukovalante, aatmeeyunni minchina addam ledu. Nee aarohanaku anchanaa kavaalante nelanu minchina kolamaanam ledu. Gaalipataanni choodu. Yegabaka lenanta yettullo toka meeda nartistundi. Toka tegipote ade galipadaga oopiri pelipoyina neeti budaga. Yegire rekkalaku kalloste, aa gati payray aarohana.
Yentapati rekkalaina sunyamlo visraminchalevu kada .
Matti kudurulo taletti choosay chettu meedikay raavaali.
Yegire rekkalu gootiki cherukunnatte yekkay adugulu cherukuntayi, mudraaksharaalu Diddukunna modati chotuki.
Daaram tagilinchina prathi kaagitam mukka gaalipatam laaga yegaradu. Yegiraysay vayllaku merupu kallunte tappa.
Paadalunna prathi sareeram mudda aasaya parvataalu adhrohinchadu Arigina mokallu swaasa peelchukunte tappa.
Aaviri kunche to mabbu bomma geeyatam aarohana.
Aakaasam pandiri ki vaana teegalu wayladam avarohana.
Nirantara chakragati yekkupettina naalugu dikkulanu yekam chese samanwaya sruti.

I hope my translation conveys precisely what the poet had in his mind.Comments are welcome.


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