An aid-de-memoir

Here is an aid-de-memoir of proceedings at today’s Rachbanda.
1) a. The south-west monsoon seems to have veered unpredictably towards a north-easterly direction in stead of in a north-westerly direction after moving forward some more into the eastern direction, with the result that some of the districts in A.P. may not get their expected quantum of rajnfall. More importantly, it may cause more misery to the already rain-battered states like Asom. Lot of people seemed to have lost their dwellings and livelihood, a few having lost their life in the floods. Lot of wild animals seemed to have perished.
b. The sight of the hapless girl in Guwahati who was manhandled by a group of about twenty beasts, in public view on a thoroughfare looked like that of a a lamb that fell among a pack of wolves.
It is likely that quite a few wolves have run away from the recent floods in the woods and found safe haven within the state’s capital. Wolves do not belong on public roads. They ought to be caught beaten up and incarcerated in an enclosure.
2)The Hindu, of today, carries a photograph of a big hoarding showing the photos of a few of the ruffians who perpetrated the outrage. An young woman with downcast eyes is walking beneath the hoarding holding an open umbrella above her. It is broad day light. It appears cool enough. And there is no rain. The open umbrella above the lady’s head beneath the snarling photos of the beasts, seemed very evocative. Great photograph.
3) There have been a few letters to the Editor in The Hindu of today against the ‘crusade’ of the hockey-stick wielding Mumbai policeman’s zeal in moral policing.
One of the letters says, it was a menace, not a crusade against his right to go out ( on night-outs with his friends including women), He finds fault with the attitude of I-have -led-a-hard-and-simple-life-so-should-you.
Another questions, the assertion, ‘ Any city needs a night life’, “whose night life?”.
He asks people to spare a thought for the night-life of the sweepers who sweep dust off. the roads, of guys who distribute milk at the break of dawn,” and not just those who spend days and nights at the pubs”.Still another says that cosmopolitan nature of city ought not to be determined by, ” celebrity parties and bashful (sic) nights.”. He feels it was time we uproot the ” copy-paste-westernism” and instill Indian-ness once more among people.Another rued about the lot of the policemen. Do nothing and people blame them. When they try to do something good and spruce up their dull image they are hounded as over-zealous and savage.
4) The NHRC declares several ‘police encounters’ as fake, and orders compensation for the victims. The complainants express their disappointment the NHRC just stopped short of passing any strictures or taken any penal action against those responsible.
5) Severe Power cuts cripple small scale industries, one of the cash-cows of the power utility, The power cuts render these hapless small units, already unable to compete against the global onslaught of other countries, no other go than to resort lockouts, which will result in lot of workmen getting jobless.
6) An attempt by a lover-couple to elope ends in tragedy as they come into contact with a fence illegally electrified by a farmer to ward off wild boars. The young man dies, the girl is severely injured.
7) The pyramidical tower, the Raja Gopuram of the renowned Amaravati Siva Temple, is approved to be demolished by the Endowments department as it is reported to have developed cracks, An expert committee apparently felt the historic structure could be saved with some reinforcement , Many younger buildings elsewhere in the state including the. State capital are sought to be treated as heritage buildings and demanded. to be protected.
8) There are reports that , several Indian families manly Telugu people, had unfortunately lost their belongings all, including passports, visas, certificates, money and valuables in a devastating blaze in an apartment in New Jersey. The TANA is reported to be helping the affected. Other Telugu and Indian associations, I am sure must also be providing help to those affected,, aside from the local authorities there. It is necessary that the State Govt., and the Central Govt. ascertain what help or support they need and arrange the same to them soon.


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