The One who brightens the universe.

I have written a little a few days ago, about two lyrics in the raagam Hamsanaadam , namely, ‘Bantureethi’ by Tyagaraja and ‘ Telisitaymokshamu…’by Annamayya. Here is my translation into English of another lyric by Annamayya set in the same raagam, ‘Viswa prakasunaku’ .This was set to music by Sri Garimella.Prasad.

“is there interior or exterior for The One, who brightens the universe. And then, for The One who is eternal can we conceive of a birth ? For The One who holds everything , is there need to run hither or thither?
For The One who is the embodiment of a blissful heaven, is there need for an abode? And for The One who bears the very earth, is there need for a foot-hold ? And The One who is extolled by even Parvathi, does he think or feel? For The One who has all kinds of powers, where is a middle, where is a start? For The One, who has countless countenances, where is here and where is beyond?
And The One who dwells in the hearts of the silent sages, does he need to utter a word or a saying.?
And for The One who embodies all knowledge, is there need to look around or listen?
For the Ultimate Emperor of the yogis, are there any his kith or those not his pwn? For One who is distant from sin, is there need for praise or blame? And does Sri Venkateswara, need a divine statue,
And to Hari and Narayana what is success or failure?”

A pretty comprehensive definition of The Omni-present and The Omniscient. Isn’t it?


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