Annamayya’s lyric on Vara Lakshmi

In my latest post I talked a bit about Dikshitar’s, ‘Hiranmayeem’ in Lalitha ragam.
I find that there is a lyric of Annamacgarya on Lakshmi, se to tune in Laltha, by Sri Garmella BalaKrishna is a link that leads to Sri Garimella’s rendering of the song

I transliterate the Telugu lyric, ‘Jaya Lakshmi Vara Lakshmi’ here in below in the Roman script.

Jaya Lakshmi, Vara Lakshmi, Sangrama veera lakshmi
Priyuralavai Hari ki berasiti vamma.

Paala jalanidhi loni pasanaina meegadaa
Maylimi taamera loni minchu vaasanaa,
Neela varnun-uramu pai nindina nidhanama vai
Yelevu lokamulu. Mammela vamma.

Chanduru thoda buttina sampadala merugavo ?
Kanduva Brahmala gaache kalpavallivo?
Andina Govinduniki andanay thodu needai
Vundaanavu. Maa yintane vundumamma.

Padiyaaru vannelato bangaaru patima
Chedaranee vedamula chigurubodee,
Yeduta Sri Venkatesunillalavai neevu
Nidhula nilichay talli nee vaaramamma.

Here is an attempt by me, at translation of the lyric into English. I do not propose or hope to retain the lyrical quality and elegance, but will endeavor to pass the import of the poem and its words, in full to you.

Oh, my mother, the Goddess of wealth

Oh, Lakshmi, my Mother, The Bestower of success, boons, and valour-in-war, Sri Hari has got you as His beloved.

You are the thick cream that issued forth from the ocean of milk. You are the heady scent that pervades within in the gorgeous lotus. You have lodged yourself as a vast treasure on the breast of the Dark-hued Lord. You rule thus, over all the universes.
Do kindly rule over us too.

Are You the sheen of the fortunes that tagged along the shiny moon at his birth?
Are You the slender celestial creeper (which bestows whatever is asked for by whoever) that deftly and without ado protects the Creators of the diverse universes ?
You indeed are The One, who accompanies Govinda ( the bestower of whatever one asks), who possesses You as His own, as His constant companion and His ultimate refuge wherever He stays. Do please stay in our abode too, Mother.

You, the sixteen-hued golden idol.
You tenderly embody the eternal Vedas (scriptures)
Please Mother, we belong to you, so do stay with us in the form of our fortune, You, the consort of Lord Sri Venkateswara .


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