Priya sisters sing ” Devi Rame” of Mysore Vasudevacharya in Vasantha.

I find that Sri Mysore Vasudevacharya had written quite a number of Sanskrit lyrics (kirtanas) on Maha Lakshmi.

Here is the list.It may not be exhaustive,

Devi rame mamavabdi tanaye. In Vasantha
Kurume kusalam Kunjar Gamane. In Kamala Manohari
Vara lakshmi Namo sthute. In Gauri Manohari
Devi Kamalalaye. In Garuda dhwani
Sri hari Vallabhe mam pahi In Udaya Ravi Chandrika
Sri maha lakshmeembhaje In Faraz
Sri Ramaa Devi maamavatu In Sankarabharanam

Vasantha raga is regarded as a descendant of the 17th Melakartha ( Basic Parent Raga), Suryakantham. Connoisseurs of Carnatic music are familiar with the Tyagaraja’s lyric in Vasantha extolling Stamma and Sri Rama as his parents and Rama’s brothers , friends , servants and well wishers, as his very own people.
You may have noted that I have made mention of Lalitha raaga in my previous posts. Lalitha raga is regarded a descendant of the 15th basic raga, Maya Malava Gaula.
There is a lot of similarity between the two Ragas. The contrast is that the dhaivata is flatter (Shuddha) in Lalitha and it is sharper ( Chatuhsriti) in Vasantha. This subtle difference brings in a lot of difference in their respective ambiences.

Here is a delectable rendering by Priya sisters of ‘Devi Rame’ of Sri Mysore Vasudevachari in Vasantha.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Here is a transliteration of the Sanskrit lyric in Vasantha Ragam,of Vasudevacharya into the Roman script
Devi Rame mamavabdi tanaye . Deva deva Vasu Deva jaye
Pavankanakaadri vara nilaye . Devaadi vinutha mahimaatisaye
Rakadhisa sannibha vadane . Raajeeva lochane, gaja gamane Lokananda vidhayini. Loka viditha keertiisaalini
Madhyama Kala sahityam.
Akaaraadi varna swaroopini. Tavakarunaapoorna bhaktaanaam Anupamasoubhagya dayini. Amandaananda sandoha dayini

Should be pretty evident to Indians all across the land.It is in simple Sanskrit. However I will attempt to translate it into English, for my pleasure.


Protect me Ramaa, the daughter of the ocean. Oh, consort of the God of the Gods Vaasudeva.(Ramaa ,thwt is Lakshmi is believed to have emerged out of the ocean of milk while it was being churned by the Devas and asras)

You live on the sacred mountain of gold. Your extraordinary powers are extolled by the Gods and others.

Your countenance is like that of the King of honey-like sheen, the full moon. Your eyes are like the blooms of lotuses and you stride gracefully like a majestic elephant.
You regulate the happiness of the people of the universe.You are reputed across the world
Madhyamakala Sahityam
You embody the alphabet right from A. To the devotees who receive Your kindness in full measure, You grant unparellelled fortunes. You grant a free-flow of happiness to all.


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One Response to Priya sisters sing ” Devi Rame” of Mysore Vasudevacharya in Vasantha.

  1. Thank you for a superb rendition of Mysore Vasudevacharya’s composition by Priys Sisters.

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